Get Involved

“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

1.  Attend a volunteer event!

At least once a month, we host a volunteer event.  Volunteer activities vary by month, but never require any experience.  Join us for a Community Outreach Day and help us canvass the community and raise consciousness.  Come down for an Open Garden Event to help us raise local produce for our Farmer’s Market.  Check out a Community Clean-up Day to remove trash and brush and plant new trees and flowers.  Our events are attended by a very diverse range of people, including youth, college students, and neighborhood activists.  Get on the Volunteer Email List or check the website for updates on our volunteer events.

2.  Attend community meetings!

Last Sunday at 3pm, Find out more about the community center project, discuss programming, construction, fundraising, and general organizational strategies.  We enjoy Sunday dinner together after the planning meeting.  Bring  your appetite and your vision for the Roxbury community.  All planning meetings are held at 998 Tremont Street #2, a short 6 minute walk from Ruggles Station on the Orange Line.

The entire membership of the United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury meets the first Thursday of every month at 7PM at 65 Windsor Street (United Emmanuel Holiness Church).  Membership meetings are open to the public.  Come and share your vision for the community and let us know what cultural and recreational programming you would like to have in Lower Roxbury.  Discuss pertinent community issues with a  diverse group.  Residents of Lower Roxbury can become UNLR members for a fee of $10 per year.  Non-residents can become associate members.  Please email us at for more information about UNLR membership.

3.  Share your unique skills, experiences, and passions.

There are many opportunities for you to bring your greatness to the table to help further the cause of community building in Roxbury. We are always looking for people with unique skills and passion to help us. Please take a look at the list of categories below (even if your skill isn’t on the list, chances are we could use your help so get involved anyway).

Event Planning, Urban Gardening, Community-based Produce, Community Organizing/Leadership, Marketing, Graphic Design, Multimedia Production, Grant-writing, Construction, Carpentry, Photography, Videography, Public Speaking, Budgeting, Fundraising, Website Creation and Design, Interior Design, Landscaping,  Architecture, Music Education, Visual Arts Education, General Education (especially critical, justice-based education).

If you would like to take on a project and work for a specified number of hours per week over an extended period of time (over a month), shoot us an email and tell us about yourself.  Send a resume too if possible.  We can create an internship opportunity to fit your skills and interests.  

4.  Spread the word!

Talk to your families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, mail carriers, classmates, teachers, and acquaintances about our community work every chance you get.  Take a few flyers and pass them out or hang them up at your favorite restaurants and businesses.  The simple act of sharing our story with others will help raise support and consciousness.

Get Involved!

To stay in the loop about volunteer opportunities, send an email to and we’ll add you to our volunteer mailing list.

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