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UNLR’s 90 Windsor Street Project Awarded Abatement Grant to help achieve it’s mission!


UNLR was recently granted an monetary grant award by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) of $200,000 for Brownfields cleanup. A brownfield is a site that was abandoned or underused, usually a former industrial or commercial facility, that is now available for re-use. The US EPA set aside funds for sites like ours that need to have hazardous materials removed. In our case, these include heavy metals, inorganic contaminants, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that were found at 90 Windsor Street and will be removed to prevent contamination.

Heart of Success – Labyrinth & Community Clean-up



A special shot out to local residents, UNLR members, the City of Boston and the Boston Area Youth Organizing Project (BYOP) crew for coming out and supporting the community in both helping to put together the heart labyrinth, as well as beautify the neighboorhood. Love yall and thanks for making the weekend a tremendous success. Shanelle and Sonia are the bomd digidi (not in the dictionary) youth visionaries who had the vision around what they thought was important in the neighborhood and could facilitate change and bring love.

Thank you for all of your hard work and most of all your committment!

UNLR & BAC Gearing Up for 90 Windsor Street Project Design and Build


In 2010, BAC, selected UNLR for one of its Gateway Design Build Projects. With the project in full gear, BAC Students and members of UNLR, including two local youth leaders, gear up and meet up to discuss the cool new designs, and their collective strategy to bring the 90 Windsor Street project from design to construction. The team discussed potential and future partners, sources of funding, as well as identifying individuals who will serve on its advisory team. Follow the BAC’s work and see the most recent designs visit For questions related to the project email

Blogs Got A Brand New Look!


We are reaching high in order to keep our friends and supporters updated. Our blog is currently under construction and we will be launching an official udpated version on April 15, 2012. Stay tuned, stay connected. If you are really inspired, let us know if you have ideas for getting the word out about what we are up to! Email us at

UNLR Future Community Center Has New Face


Nov. 6, 2010

So, Exciting! The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) Annual Service Day selected 90 Windsor Street as their 2010 service day project. Also assisted by the Boston Architectural College (BAC), design students, volunteers, and local youth helped to give a new face to the future community center site. Installments of murals representing neighborhood desires for the use of the space and an information kiosk directly in front to allow for displays of historical neighborhood information as well as neighborhood activities, and project updates. A Banner and color flags were installed along Melnea Cass Blvd. as well to invite folks to share the vision for the future site of the Cultural Agri-Arts Center and an involved and thriving neighborhood.

The project finale will include another window installation on what is currently the front side of the building and a portable kiosk that can be used at local events.

Thanks NOMA and BAC for your continued committment!



Our overall fundraising goal is $1.5 Million. We invite you to help support this special initiative.  All donation amounts are welcome and your donations are tax deductable.  To contribute, mail to: 998 Tremont Street #2, Roxbury, MA 02120

Future Community Center Brownsfield’s Hazzardous Assessment Complete

On February 15th, a contractor came out and conducted a preliminary site assessment for environmental hazards as a part of the building clean-up plan. Phase 1 of the assessment has been completed thanks to EPA and Noblis Engineering and they have identified some hazzars on the site. We are applying for the clean-up grant due October 15th

The grant proposal is available for review. We will have an open discussion at the next UNLR community meeting. All are encouraged to attend to discuss any issues or concerns or to express your support for the project.

NOMA Kiosk Design

On October 6th, 2010 our partner National Organization for Minority Architects (NOMA) will have its annual day of service. For their service they will be constructing an information Kiosk that will display updates on the neighborhood and the project. Additionally, they will create window displays that will serve as a pleasant visual of the vision of the center until its completion.

2010 Community Warrior Awards

This year, we selected five persons for the Community Warrior award in honor of their contribution and commitment to their families and their community. The following individuals were nominated:

  • Rori Johnson (Activist, mother)
  • Tomiqua Williams (Activist, mother)
  • Khalidah Smalls (Activist, mother)
  • Elijaquan Manago-Sheffield (youth youth activist)
  • Michael Gonzalez (youth activist)