90 Windsor Street

Architecture for Humanity Boston's design sketches. 

A Village at Work proposes to redevelop the 4800 square foot property located 90 Windsor Street into a multi-use community center that would fulfill the following goals: 

  • Build a sense of community and belonging among neighborhood residents;
  • Create a space for community members to address issues of injustice and oppression;
  • Strengthen partnerships between the local residents, state agencies and other community organizations;
  • Bridge historical and generational gaps to further unite and unify the community;
  • Cultivate an environment for the arts, sciences, and culture;
  • Provide opportunities for social activities and educational programming to adults and children, of all ages, with a special emphasis on those most at-risk;
  • Organize and sponsor community events for outreach, organization, activism, and celebration;
  • Organize and offer opportunities for civic engagement;
  • Provide a space, including rental offices and multi-use rental space, for individuals and groups to conduct activities that are in line with the original missions and goals of the United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury. 

AVAW believes the key to serving the community is to ensure a redevelopment process that allows for and facilitates the participation and leadership of all local residents and stakeholders. Our vision is to facilitate the development of programming that will have the most significant and enduring impact upon the community.

Thank you for being a Part of the Village!

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